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Odour Sampling

Odour gaseous sample is collected by using an odour sampling system, which includes a battery-operated air pump, a sampling vessel, and an odour bag. During air sampling, an empty sample bag is placed in the vessel, a rigid plastic container, and the container is then evacuated at a controlled rate and the bag is filled with foul gas.

Odour Patrol

Exercise as a screening survey to identify the odour sources, odour strength, and also odour characters.

Odour panel members need to be selected by a set of screening tests using certified n-butanol gas with standard individual n-butanol thresholds required by the European Standard Method (EN13725).

Olfactometry Analysis

The TO-evolution is a state-of-the-art olfactometer designed to perform one-out-of-two forced choice odour threshold measurements. One measurement, using a panel of 4 to 8 persons, can be completed in less than an hour. The   odour research laboratory follows the European Standard Method EN13725 on odour measurements.

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