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Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer

The Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer is the “state-of-the-art” in field olfactometry for confidently measuring and quantifying odor strength in the ambient air. It is a portable odour detecting and measuring device, determines ambient odour “Dilution-to-Threshold” (D/T) values objectively. The Field Olfactometer can be used as a proactive monitoring or enforcement tool for confident odour measurement, which provides a scientific method for dependable ambient odour quantification.

Fox 3000 Electronic Nose

The Electronic Nose provide an electronic fingerprint instrument for detection, analysis and recognition of odours, aromas and all volatile substances.

TO Evolution Olfactometer

The TO evolution is the first ergonomically designed olfactometer which focuses on the main sensor in olfactometry: the human nose. The result is an olfactometer which, through the selection of materials and colours, offers the panellists a distraction-free environment. The modern and contemporary design of the software allows for intuitive and easy operation.  TO evolution ensure that you can achieve best working conditions as described in the requirements of EN 13725:2003.

Teledyne 101E UV Fluorescence H2S Analyzer


The Model 101E H2S analyzer uses the proven UV fluorescence principle to measure hydrogen sulfide at levels commonly required for ambient air monitoring.

Jerome 631-X Gold Film Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

The portable Jerome 631-X Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer measures low-level concentrations in just seconds. It offers an analysis range of 0.003-50 ppm for odour and corrosion control, safety, and leak detection in such industries as wastewater treatment, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and farming.

Geotech BioGas 5000 Portable Biogas Analyzer

Easy to use, calibrate and configure, the BIOGAS 5000 enables you to collect consistent data for improved analysis and accurate reporting, whilst helping to check the digester process efficiently. This unit provides you with a port to measure CH4, CO2 and O2 plus extras including H2, NH3, H2S gases.

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