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The Odour Research Laboratory at HKPolyU was established in 1995 and specializes in odour research and consultancy for environmental odours with the following expertise:

  • Sampling of odorous air pollutants, including odours and some specific odorous compounds like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide,

  • and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from various odour sources using contemporary sampling equipments such as flux chamber, wind tunnel and stack sampler.

  • Measurement and monitoring of odour concentration and intensity using a dynamic olfactometer according to the European Standard Method (EN13725).

  • Dispersion modelling and impact assessment of odours for existing and proposed projects against required regulatory odour performance criteria.

  • Odour management and emission control including treatment and abatement of odorous emissions at various souces.

  • Training and education of personnel responsible for developing and implementing odour monitoring, assessment and policies.

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